Monday, October 3, 2011

THINK GREEN, ACT GREEN [ Voice Magazine , Oct 2011 ]

Slow but sure, global warming will impact fatal to human life in the world. According to Freddy Numberi, sea water rise due to global warming was already eliminating the 24 islands in Indonesia. We can not avoid the (climate change). But, at least me - jamming liminir impact.

This is very sad. If we continue, what can we leave for our next generation. Recognizing this, we want to help the earth by making the theme of Think Green, Act Green as a cover story in this section.

One theme that we discuss the three ways-induced polluted our earth everyday, ranging from transportation to manufacturing effects. We also invite you to wisely utilize environmentally friendly technologies are actually very easy to apply. There is also a guide for you who want to become an Eco Excellence.

Another thing to boast of the success of the award-winning Surabaya ASEAN Environment Sustainable City, we also serve nine other city's famous concern for the environment.

Done with the green, now let's talk about blue in fashion, or denim. Later period, again disturbing fashion denim world, Indonesia is no exception. Check out profiles of some local brand denim denim appreal delivery with best quality.

As usual, in addition to the two themes above, we also have many interesting articles to accompany your leisure time. Please enjoy this edition, and go green!