Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tersundut Duit Panas [Majalah Tempo Edisi 3-9 October 2011

94 - Money "Heat" Century 
Century Bank's forensic audit by Supreme Audit Agency found $ 1 billion in funds flow from Robert Tantular to Bank Indonesia deputy governor Budi Mulya. Corruption Eradication Commission suspect there is another motive of lending it. The flow of funds is adjacent to the efforts of Century Bank liquidity assistance to Bank Indonesia on October 30, 2008. Budi and Robert was already making friends since 1998. In a meeting of central bank governor, Budi admitted receiving money from Robert about USD 1 billion. He argued that his friend helping businesses in difficulty and in need of money. Budi is shifted to another place: take care of the museum, secretarial, and assets. What exactly is the motive loan?

26 - Tense Ahead of Beat Repeat
Tumultuous political atmosphere is starting to feel towards the United Indonesia Cabinet shake re II. President Yudhoyono summoned senior coalition party, except for the Prosperous Justice Party. Signal sacking ministers from the party propaganda is getting stronger. Secretary General of the PKS Anis Matta has accused a Cabinet reshuffle was an attempt Democrats prepare for Election 2014. How does "guerrilla" peek party ministerial posts?

83 - Sale Free Verdict Corruptors
COURT Anticorruption increasingly fond generous to the accused of corruption. Many defendants are acquitted of corruption in recent years. Even if they are convicted, the penalty imposed is less than one year. Low integrity of judges as well as bad indictment into the spotlight. Efforts to weaken the anti-corruption movement?

62 - Bloody Tradition at the Police Academy
IN Police Academy cadet dormitories, Semarang, the violence occurred. Almost every night, outside the official hours of lessons, the senior cadets juniors beat. Many young people become victims of police recruits. Some are paralyzed, then dismissed from school. There was no strict punishment to the perpetrators. Police Academy Manager impress a blind eye. This is the story about the poor education in Indonesia police.

128 - Chantal Della Concetta NO longer be a presenter
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