Thursday, September 29, 2011

Intreprenuer social ala generasi kedua Sariwangi Group [Warta Ekonomi Magazine october-november 2011]

Headline news


Social Entrepreneurs Born of Green Tea Garden Carrying the philosophy of "Live to let live", Sariwangi Group cling to the principle that in conducting the business must not forget to constantly improve the lives of the weak who help develop their business. Social entrepreneurshipis what built the second generation of founders and Sariwangi Group.

38 - eGovernment AWARD 2011
eGovernment 2.0: Towards a Public Service Prima Like the website, eGovernment also suffered
developments with the emergence of eGovernment 2.0. Connected Government become a key public service  prime.

Cities racing for the Smart City 
Warta Ekonomi doing research on the county / city that successfully build an integrated ICT system so as to improve the quality of public services.

Moderate Demand Booming
Indonesia property sector is enjoying an increase in demand. This condition can be interpreted this sector safe  for investment.

72 - ZAKAT
Eradicating Poverty by Zakat Government examines the application of zakat as an instrument of reducing taxable income. Potential  zakat in Indonesia estimated to reach Rp217 trillion.

12 - FireBoard

14 - Interview
Arshad Chaudhry: Nestle Selects More Than CSR CSV

18 - TEN
Top 10 Countries in the World Competitiveness Helpless  This year, the competitiveness of developing countries began to pursue the competitiveness of developed countries. Switzerland appear
as the highest competitive country in the world thanks to the efficiency of labor, the government is transparent, and support infrastructure and financial markets are good.

22 - Road to Recovery
2012 Draft Budget
Budget Increase Effectiveness!
Tax remains a major source of state revenue. However, revenues from the mining subsector
continues to increase each year. 

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