Friday, September 30, 2011

Rahasia Rumah Biru di Kota Kembang [ Popular Magazine October 2011]

From Bandung Until Cengkareng

Many interesting things happen when we mix the October issue of this magazine. One is the process of reporting to the Flower City Bandung. For Hot Report, our team doing the investigation into a luxurious karaoke contained in an old building unoccupied. We still refers to him with the title 'The Secret House in the Flower City Blue'. One week later, our team returned to the capital of West Java in order to obtain information about the ins and outs of SPG pimp plus-plus. You can listen to in the rubric of the Main Report.

POPULAR titled Golf Tournament Annual golf (PGA) 2011 at Cengkareng Golf Club is also one interesting thing that surrounds the team busy. Thankfully everything went well and very festive. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for all the participation of golfers. You do know it's the most fun on the golf course while playing with the water our sexy models.

Leak, we will publish some of the collector's edition that you can enjoy only in digital format on the iPad and your favorite android tablets through Puppet Force and Scoop.

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