Sunday, October 2, 2011

Message from Heaven, Solo Exhibition by Agus Priyono YK

Message from Heaven, Solo Exhibition by Agus Priyono YK
Time: 08-10-2011 s / d 31-10-2011
at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Circle Lot Kungingan E.1.1. No. 1 Jakarta

Officiated by Mrs. Rina Ciputra Sastrawinata,
President Director of Ciputra Artpreneur Center

Hosted by Ms. Azura Mangunhardjono & Indie-Joy Art Management

EVENTS natural eruption of Mount Merapi give so strong memories for the artist Agus Priyono YK. Artists who lived by the Javanese culture is experiencing the event despite the distance range of about 30 km from the center of the eruption, and not including the victims directly. However, in the folds of time are constantly moving, the eruption of Merapi remains in the memories of their personal imprint in the collective memory of the people of Yogyakarta in general.

In his capacity as an artist, a massive event later became the inspiration and source of ideas for the birth of creative works. "Social fact" that there be a catastrophic eruption of Merapi, which for most people around the volcano, gradually moving into "aesthetic fact" which is poured out in many landscape canvas. Shifting "social facts" which then manifests as an "aesthetic fact" not much done by a human figure or even an artist who lack awareness as homo socius which also "doubles" as a homo aestheticus. Agus YK are few artists capable of capturing and willing to take care of the potential aesthetic values ​​behind "social facts" of cases of eruption of Merapi. Of course with all the advantages and drawbacks.

In this solo exhibition, visual theme of "wedhus gembel" or pyroclastic become one of the subject matter (subject matter) for much of his work. Visualization pyroclastic placed on the top portion of the image area and take between a quarter to half of the canvas. Image of the pyroclastic burst from the top or the like from the pit crater and then move to find a place lower.

Under the existing image pyroplastic broke and dry land. Also there are landscapes tiny humans who walked away from the center of march pyroclastic. There is also a panorama of the houses are ready to hit "wedhus gembel". Also landscape tree with branches that dries. The images can be listened to in the works entitled The Sign, Beauty of Survival, The Power of Everlasting, The World's Never Ending Sympathy, and other works. The works are to be expected to put Agus YK mindset that in a crowd of catastrophe, there is still aesthetic values ​​that can be adduced to be relied upon for the emergence of the spirit of optimism in looking at the coming disaster. That a disaster is something that could not predicted by humans, but the spirit of optimism was the one who could quickly heal the hurt feelings.

In the midst of such works, there are some works that put the values ​​of local culture through visualization purwa puppet. Among them was the work of "The Wisdom of the Great Teacher and Noble Characters in Hard Times. Semar figure becomes the main character in such works alongside three other figures known as Punakawan, namely Gareng, Petruk and Bagong.

Semar be placed in this context is important because he was the figure of the god who becomes the common people. Body fat is very far from the physical characteristics of a deity, like God of Teachers, god Narada, and others. But precisely here is where the balance is raised as wisdom. Wisdom and values ​​is often put forward as she joked, not in full seriousness of the situation. And in the midst of the siege eruption of Merapi, Java philosophy of balance faintly echoed here: "Laugh when you're sad, cry when you're happy".

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