Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rumah Seni Cemeti

 Cemeti Art Profile

The struggle and rebellion toward kebaharuan in art history, quickly back into the old-fashioned and outdated establishment. Unique and alternative, soon turned into an established and uniform.

Since 1988, Cemeti Art has been actively promoting and encouraging art practices in contemporary Indonesian art scene and in a broader international platform. More than ten projects, such as site-specific, community-based exhibitions, presentations, and performances involving local and foreign artists, writers and arts activists, has been held every year.

Discussions with artists, project presentations and group exhibitions are presented both locally and internationally, as well as a curated monthly exhibitions held in the gallery itself and Cemeti Art. These activities include 'ART OF BAMBOO' in 2001 (followed by the artists of Indonesia and Denmark), 'CHOOSE YOUR OWN PUBLIC' in 2005 (followed by Indonesia artist), LANDING SOON residency programs from 2006 to 2009 (followed by artist Indonesia and the Netherlands), 'TRADITIONAL PERFORMING ART PROGRAMME ADVOCATION' in 2007 with the support of the Ford Foundation in five villages, "FORGET THE PAST '(followed by Indonesia artist), an itinerant project in Den Haag, Amsterdam, Jakarta, Semarang , and Shanghai in 2007.

Contemporary art in Indonesia can be viewed as a form of consciousness and reflection from the perspective of artists associated with the problems in community development. Through their work, artists respond honestly and often criticized the phenomenon of very specific social and aesthetic perspectives brought into the discussion, while other artists may express their individual and personal approach to reality. Being bound and stuck on a particular media discipline becomes a less critical issue.

In 2010, Cemeti Art launched a new platform where all activities will revolve around and focus on the reinvention of 'Art and Society', which emphasizes the practice of art is more respectful alternative 'process' rather than 'promotion'.

Cemeti Art exhibition space designed by architect Eko Agus Prawoto in 1999, highlighting the idea of ​​local - global, traditional - modern art - non-art, individual - collective, natural - artificial craft - industrial, conventional - innovative as the paradox that is reflected in architectural structures, turned into an open studio suitable for workshops, exhibitions, discussions, and learning the critical and complementary.

Studio Art House Cemeti and will gradually make an ideal and strategic role to mediate the dialogue by focusing more on the research process of each party, where the curator, writer, art critic, activist art, and artists met each other in our residency program.

As a result, the exhibition will emerge with a better curatorial spotlight and presentations with the publication of the necessary..