Friday, September 30, 2011

ANA Belle, The Charming Healer ( Maxim Magazine ,October 2011)

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Charming Healer
Imagine you are lying in hospital and when the door opens toward sisters Ana, feed, and pamper you. If he's lucky to kiss you.

30 - ANCILLA Tilia
Dutch Fetish Doll
Have you ever dreamed of being Ken, Barbie doll lover beautiful and sexy? Now the dream came true when he met with Ancilla, the Barbie section of Dutch origin.

36 - Patty OF FIVE
5 story restaurant with 5 burger giant against a skinny editor.

50 - GN'R ALMOST Killed ME
Behind the glamorous rocker, there's always painful story that we're sure once you read it, the dream became rockstar immediately discarded. Duff McKagan told him everything.

56 - STUFF
Car: The Funky French Premium Hatchback Citroen flavor crossover design. Gadget: MAXIM devices pick of the month.