Saturday, October 1, 2011

Military and Creativity [ Concept Magazine October-November 2011 ]


In Indonesia, until recently, the celebration of Independence Day August 17 is always present carnival boys who wear different clothes area. But there is one thing I always remember. In the midst of the siege clothes before, always stuck wearing the costume of military children. Usually the child is walking with a stout-either because he wore a military costume or indeed by nature already stout-complete with mustache-kumisan are drawn using an eyebrow pencil on the upper lip.

For some reason anything that smells of "camouflage" has always attracted the attention of many people. Start small children to adults. No exception Concept editorial team. We really thought the mature, in terms of what the concept will explore the military. After the editorial meeting a few serious-as a typical joke nonetheless punctuated Concept-end we decided to raise the theme of creativity in terms of military technology. Of course we were shelled with a typical dish is still serious despite the often casual, and give infoinfo certainly interesting to the reader.

In this edition discusses the concept of military technology from the three dimensions, namely land, sea and air, complete with weaponry equipment. From the dimension of the land, we should applaud loudly as our nation's children have managed to create a rantis (tactical vehicle) that will be used as an operational vehicle for the Indonesian military. From sea forces, we can witness the development of cyberspace technologies: a cutting-edge technology that has many sea battles evolve. From the dimension of the air we will discuss the movement of stealth technology "stealth" which is still a technology that glorified in the air, and we can also see the development of unmanned aircraft technology, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that will be digadanggadang fighter technology in the future. Finally, we will discuss the evolution of military guns, because guns they use now is not only good at killing, but also appeared in a beautiful design.

In the October issue of this Concept is also the opportunity to interview a pilot who is also the author, Marshal (Ret.) Chappy Hakim. Observers also retired senior advisor on aviation and political research institute Politica Charta is known to be very productive in the writing-until now there are 11 books that he wrote, not to mention his writings on the blog

In the end if we are talking military, we will talk about creativity. Because all the advanced technology and cutting-edge they have will not appear without due process of creativity of R & D team. And the defense is not the monopoly of military affairs, but there are also civilian part in it. For this reason the term "total defense" or we call also Hankamrata. Hopefully Concept October issue can make you able to survive in the world that is increasingly homogeneous to capitalize creativity.