Wednesday, September 28, 2011

iCreate Magazine Oktober -November 2011

Another year has gone by since we did the last ‘Next Generation’ issue. Around this time of the year (usually caused by the announcement of a new generation gadget by Apple in September), we like to dedicate an issue to celebrate the next big thing.

For this volume, the editorial team has chosen iCreate Gamal, Jemima and Calvin as future generations of musicians we hope and believe can bring exciting new movement against the music industry in Indonesia.

Each of them has a unique storyline and different in the industry through the door. Hopefully the story can lead you to participate in work and achieve the best chance. For your current user generation, check out our section on the latest operating systems Lion. We present 10 reasons why you need to have this vicious system. However, you should also note the lack of the Lion, so you know needs required. My own MacBook Pro has not been upgraded to a Lion because I was holding on to a proverb which says; why fix it, if it's not broken. But please tell your opinion about this Lion. Maybe you can change my mind to switch to a Lion. Hopefully this edition useful for you. Congratulations to work!