Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kawan Atau Lawan [ Bloomberg Bussinessweek Magazine 2011 ]


8 - Huawei: Friend or Foes?
Armed with money 21,000 yuan (around $ 2,500), Huawei Ren Zhengfei founded in 1987. From the beginning, as a reseller of telecommunications equipment company, Huawei ventured to make their own products. In rural China, rapidly growing company selling routers and switches, core components for telephone and Internet networks. Under the Chief Technology Officer Matt Bross, Huawei sought to expand into Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe.
Now, companies that offer much lower prices than competitors are able to undermine the strength of Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Motorola, and Cisco Systems. In the Indonesian market, Huawei's products are also increasingly in demand.

18 - Coffee scramble with Ethiopia Commodity Exchange
Efforts to boost the ranking of Ethiopia coffee exports, which now occupies the seventh position in the world, like a modern commodity exchanges pitted with coffee lovers.

20 - Plan of British Prime Minister David Cameron encourage the manufacturing sector is not easy. He must face the problem of weak export markets and a network of suppliers that are less healthy.

22 - Kodak Trying to Revive
They have not been able to cover the lost revenue from the movie.

24 - Li & Fung Retail harness
acquisitions to grow.

26 - Apache terminal building cs
LNG worth $ 3 billion.

28 - The new boss Bagus Susanto said Ford Indonesia in carrying out its mission.

30 - Corporate America boosted overseas acquisitions.

31 - Zara Inditex boost sales through online.


34 - Facebook So Target Patent?
Facebook, Twitter, and other new stars who have only a small number of patents may be dragged into war-related legal data centers.

36 - CEO Leo Apotheker want to remodel your HP into the business software maker.

37 - Marc Benioff, CEO of, hoping to increase revenue up to five times, which reached $ 10 billion, partly by way of embracing social media.

38 - The author of science fiction helped engineer the chip Intel processors imagine how they are used by consumers.

40 - Heir to the Kingdom Prospective Murdoch?
Freud and his wife, Elisabeth Murdoch, a major figure who will continue the post-empire of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. scandal.

46 - And Akerson Not The Car
GM's new boss is not experienced in the automotive industry. He used to catapult the words that do not want to hear employees.

51 - Silicon Valley-style Russian
Soon, Silicon Valley will have a commensurate rivals, who dimodali several billion dollars. But, its location is in Russia.

56 - Automotive premium MPV Sedan New Mercedes-Benz S-Class CGI technology brings new CGI engine is more powerful and environmentally friendly.

61 - Sophisticated Axioo Neon 7047 HNM try to touch consumers who want superior performance with limited funds.

62 - Showcase Buffalo MiniStation HD-PNTU3; Samsung Series
MV800; LG HX906TX.

64 - Difficult Choice Indayati Oetomo, owner of John Robert Powers Indonesia, tells of his inner conflict when it became a distributor of food and drink first, and his story to be a single owner at the institution he leads