Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indonesian Batik, Arts, and Traditions

Batik does not just move the motive or the color and print it on a piece of cloth.But the art of batik is full of philosophical, tradition, beauty, creativity, and even engineering to bear batik-batik modern growing.
Not many young people are attracted to her batik Indonesia. Whereas the world of batik is an indigenous cultural heritage of IndonesiaIt's no wonder why, if the then young generation who are less interest to the art of batik, causing some countries claim batik is a cultural heritage of their ancestors.

Massive, several countries and then claim that Indonesia's batik motif, as the cultural heritage of their ancestors, such as China, Malaysia, Japan, and several other countries.

From there, because it continues to open wide the doors of creativity, the least she did not feel embarrassed if then batik which is claimed by several countries are flooding the world market. Because, according to these countries only have the pragmatic ability to find in a modern batik dyeing, nothing more.

After hundreds of years was present as an invaluable cultural heritage, batik formerly used only by the royal family and especially as a mementos for their guests.
That's why then present a variety of different batik motifs as well be a marker, from the area where batik originated. Some batik motif and then began to be known, like Batik Sekar Jagat, Batik Rowo Bats, Topo Nggantung, Joko Tingkir, and so on.
Meanwhile, related to the batik-producing region, known Batik Pekalongan, Solo, Yogyakarta, Kebumen, Banyumas, Cirebon, Banyuwangi, Batik, Starch Offering, Batik Bali and so on.

In originating from batik darerah coast, such as batik Pekalongan, Cirebon, Banyuwangi, Surabaya, and so forth, playing bold characters appear in contrasting colors, in accordance with the character of coastal communities, many accept the values ​​and interact with external parties including the other traders, especially the Chinese.

Meanwhile, in mountainous regions such as batik Batik Yogyakarta, Solo, Kebumen, Banyumas and so on, will play to more natural colors, brown, dark yellow color of the soil and so on. In accordance with an agrarian society, and the wild mountains that inspire.
Batik motifs that still exist today, a manifestation of the art of batik has ever existed. However, because the real birth of the activity and if the taste of the royal family fill out daily time in the palace, as well as beautiful and contains a precision in the making, batik will always be a pretty sight.

In its development, batik has followed the trend. That's why the last few decades based industrial batik cloth is also growing, despite the philosophical meaning of the batik itself.
In Bali for example, Bali Batik motifs that made the taste of Modern market is also growing, typically used for cloth-cloth beach. As Bob Marley motive, Dolphin, Rasta. In fact, Bali has its own traditional batik motifs, which actually deserves appointed, unless the commitment is less to pick it up.

Speak on behalf of batik art, birth of creativity in batik making, no one can match Indonesia.