Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Women Magazine [Kartini Okt- Nov 2011]

Married Joint Operation Cleanup which was held in Cisarua local district officials have recently managed to scoop up 7 women players contract marriage with the man from the Middle East. Kartini was able to interview one of them, call it Rona.He claimed to have undergone 11 times the marriage contract. Despite a reward to be the wife of a temporary, 18-year-old woman refused to be called prostitutes."I do mut'ah marriage (contract). So baseball adultery. 
If you're divorced, remarried yes to another, "he said without feeling guilty. Though Islam does not justify the marriage contract, as described by KH Ma'ruf Amin, Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council. "Marriage should be in accordance with Islamic law to build a family that sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah for ever," he said. More news on Actual Rubric.

Physical imperfections can not be a barrier for Rusidah to reach the dream of becoming famous photographer. Women born August 3, 1968 that, since childhood has lost both his hands up to the elbow. After graduating high school he enrolled at the school of skills RC (Rehabilitation Centrum) Soeharso, Solo.Armed with training in place to learn and a loan camera, Rusidah began his career as a street photographer. Now he has had plenty of customers. In the future she hopes to have his own photo studio. Fabulous! The story is in Rubric Rusidah Exclusive.

Poor guy Azka Arriziq fate. 4 years old boy was suffering from Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), an autoimmune disease caused by viruses, which cause the body's immune system actually attacks the peripheral nervous system. What mother would not weep to see her beloved son who has awaited for 10 years, now lay helpless due to a crippling disease that his body? Check out the outpouring of the heart his mother, Mrs. Rina Rina Wati on True Story Rubric.

Siti Nurjazilah aka Howdy Lisa, patients face off first in Indonesia? Since the first operation performed in 2006, counted 16 times he has been having facial repair surgery. Now her face looks better already. During the five years through his days at Soetomo Hospital, he removes saturated by creating accessories that are labeled Lisa Collection. Later, if it has been declared cured, he hopes to rely on the accessories business.

Do not miss Oh Mama, Oh Papa, which tells the life of a suffering wife who must fight against the deadly disease transmitted Rubric Problems husband and discuss how to filter out negative information and porn from the messenger smart phone. Happy reading!