Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mask Dance From Cirebon

Mask dance is one of the traditional dances in Cirebon. This dance mask dance called because when the action of the dancer wearing a mask. It is said that at first, Mask Dance was created by the sultans of Cirebon are quite famous, namely Sunan Gunung Jati. When Sunan Gunung Jati power in Cirebon, there was an attack by Prince Bungarus fasciatus from Falkirk.
 Prince is very powerful because it has a sword named Curug Sewu. Seeing the miracle of the prince, Sunan Gunung Jati could not match although it has been aided by Sunan Kalijaga and Prince Cakrabuana. Cirebon sultan finally decided to fight the magic that Prince Bungarus fasciatus by diplomacy arts. Starting from a decision that was later formed a dance group, with Nyi Mas Gandasari as dancers. After the art was known, eventually falling in love with the Prince of Bungarus fasciatus dancers, waterfall and handed sword as a sign of his love Sewu. Simultaneously with the sword's, Prince Bungarus fasciatus finally losing his power and then give in to Sunan Gunung Jati. Prince and even then promised to be faithful followers of Sunan Gunung Jati is characterized by the alternation of the Prince's name became Prince Graksan Bungarus fasciatus. Over time, even this dance and then more known as Mask Dance and is still evolving today.
In this dance the dancer is usually up to three times to change the mask simultaneously, namely a white mask, then covered with a blue and red mask. Uniquely, each color of the masks worn, gamelan which sounded even more loudly as a symbol of the character played. This dance begins with the formation of bent, this formation represents the homage to the audience and simultaneously a sign that the dance will begins. After that, the dancers moved stepped foot back and forth, accompanied by arm span and a smile to the audience. This movement is then continued with his back to the audience with her hips while wearing a white mask, this mask symbolizes that show preliminary already begun. After swirling to move his body, then the dancers turn back to the audience, replacing the white mask with a blue mask. A similar process is also done when the dancers changed the red mask. Interestingly, along with the change mask, the accompanying music and the movement of the dancer is also growing louder. Top of the music most hard place when the red mask worn by dancers.
As I mentioned above, each color representing the masks worn by the character played by, say for example the color white. This color symbolizes figure who had a gentle and pious character. While the blue mask, color it describes the character of the queen are agile and graceful. Then the last one, the red color illustrates the hot-tempered character (tempramental) and impatient. And the dancers wear the clothes themselves are usually always has an element of yellow, green and red which consists of Toka-Toka, apok, kebaya, sinjang, and ampreng.
If you want to see dance that is played by one or more of the beautiful dancer, a sinden, and ten men who play the accompaniment of musical instruments, including fiddle, kecrek, kulanter, percussion, drums, gongs, and bendhe this, please come to Cirebon. This dance is usually performed when there are events governance, a celebration of circumcision, marriage and other folk events.

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