Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barong Dance of Bali

Barong Dance is a dance originating from the typical Balinese repertoire of pre-Hindu culture. The dance depicts the battle between virtue (dharma) and sleaze (adharma). Being played by virtue of the Barong, the dancers in costumes quadruped, while being played by Rangda sleaze, that is a scary figure with two pointy fangs in his mouth.

There are several types of dance barong usually displayed on the island of Bali, including the Barong Ket, Barong Bangkal (pig) Elephant Barong, Barong Asu (Dog), Barong Brutuk, and Barong-Barongan. But among the kinds of barong is most often a tourist treat is Barong Ket, Barong Keket or who have a fairly complete costumes and dances.Barong Ket costume generally describes the combination of a lion, tiger and ox. On his chest is decorated with ornaments from the skin. pieces of mirror glass, and also features the feathers of pandan leaf fibers. Barong is played by two dancers (saluk interpreter / interpreter Bapang): one dancer took a position in front of the motion plays Barong head and front legs, while the second dancer at the back of the hind legs and tail plays a barong,At first glance, the Barong Ket is not much different from the usual Lion Dance performed by the Society of China, just that, stories that are played in this show is different, the story of the struggle between the Barong and Rangda equipped with other figures, such as the Apes (friend barong),Dewi Kunti, Sahadev (Kunti child) and his followers Rangda.