Monday, October 10, 2011

AMICA Magazine Oktober 2011

When you read this magazine, fashion week Spring / Summer 2012 held just after. World economic situation may be volatile due to a slump in the middle of the Euro and U.S. dollar. However, the wheels of the fashion industry was still running even though a compromise here and there. Name of new designers keep popping up, the it items for shoes and handbags have never stopped being born, and of course the list of new trends always proclaimed. All the fashion media vying to reduce its current trends report refers to the four world fashion center, and New York, London, Milan and Paris. It is very common as the beginning of the ride cycle for a new fashion season next year, as we present in the initial report of New York and London. 

And for AMICA Indonesia, October is always a special edition down the latest trends for shoes and bags. Enjoy the coverage under the rubric of Fashion Investigation about the success stories behind four of the largest brand currently in the fashion shoe business. Moreover, if instead of sexy shoes Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and the king of couture shoes, Roger Vivier. You can also enjoy the diversity of intrigue that accompanies their career from the beginning until now and how they reach the top position sepakterjang. In addition, you can also enjoy performances still life photographs of a variety of shoes and handbags fashion our team works as a reference on the latest style of current fashion season. 

Last but not least, enjoy also our range of offerings on a number of persona Homeland achievers from various fields in this edition. From Eddy Betty, the pride of our fashion designers are focusing on two business lines, EdBe, until warm conversation with director Nia Dinata who was preparing to launch a s
equel film Arisan! in November. Nadya Hutagalung cover story also increasingly in exploring the sensitivity and contribution to eco life style campaign. And the appearance of a new rubric entitled Heart To Heart which will appear each issue with inspirational celebrity couples, starting from the Mona Ratuliu and Indra Brasco

Happy Reading.

Miranti M. LeMy
AMICA Indonesia