Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boyband, oh Boyband [Tray Magazine Oct 2011]

Hectic boyband (including girlband, mixband) who brings change not too important in the country music realm lately. Not a new trend of Indonesian music.

WHY is not important? Because it was too early to be called a trend of the country music world. Just to euphoria. The rise of boy (girl) bands lately more appropriately viewed as the excesses of K-pop trend that is sweeping the world. As in many countries, the trend of Korean Pop is also being penetrated young children Indonesia.

There are some smart people brained creative reading of this situation. K Pop trends that are hot-warm believed music could give birth to something for Indonesia. There must be whiz own country among K-pop phenomenon worldwide. Whoever he or they who were behind the formation of Sm * sh must have been people who have good intuition. Because Sm * sh proved to be tasteful local boyband K-Pop that managed to steal the attention of young ground water. Local Hero!

Regardless of whether they imitate or not, sound good or not, but as K-Pop pioneer in the homeland, Sm * sh earned its own market in the music industry. They reap many benefits from popularity. Multitude of activities, ranging from a gig, shooting ads, interviews, photo shoots, meet fans, and even movies. Their concerts also are always flooded with spectators.

Popularity Sm * sh then spawned many imitators. Boyband pop. But as pioneers, Bhishma cs unrivaled. Packaging as well as a mature concept makes Sm * sh could not be shifted. While many argue that now is the era of the boyband, I disagree. No boy band boom. That there is simply madness to the K-Pop is channeled through the local hero named Sm * sh. Only Sm * sh!

Yes boyband Indonesia currently only Sm * ash. Let's talk all the "excess" Sm * sh. They are the most densely boyband gig schedule. Boyband who made serial soap opera. The top-selling boyband ringbacktonenya. Boyband most widely asked as commercials. Boyband most of his fans. As pioneers, they had swept almost all the dreams of artists. The growing number of imitators that eventually only a small piece scramble 'cake' which was 'bitten' Sm * sh.

Imitators only share loss than good. Production costs while taking care of the boy band pretty minimal income. Boyband an average of more than three people it would need a vocal coach and choreographer, also need a place to practice. Not to mention fashion stylist and costume. While revenues are expected to come from a gig and ringbacktone job never came. As a result, the imitators just so artists consumer TVs, which is being bereforia with boyband and the like