Thursday, September 22, 2011

The ancient Indonesian art of shadow " Wayang Kulit"

"Wayang Kulit" one of the nation's top arts and culture of Indonesia's mostprominent among the many works of other cultures. Culture puppets includeacting, sound art, music, art said, literary arts, painting, sculpture, and also art omen. Culture of puppets, which continues to grow from age to age, is also the medium of light, propaganda, education, entertainment, philosophical understanding, as well as entertainment.According to research by historians of culture, culture is a culture of wayangnative to Indonesia, particularly in Java. The presence of centuries-oldpuppet before the Hindu religion into the island of Java. Although a popularpuppet story in today's society is an adaptation of the works of Indian literature, namely the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The second story in the puppet master undergone many changes and additions to adapt them tothe original philosophy of Indonesia.Adjustment of the concept of philosophy is also concerned at the Java community a philosophical view of the position of the gods in the puppet.The gods in the puppet is no longer something that is free from wrong, butas God's other creatures, sometimes act wrongly, and can be a blunder.The presence of puppet characters panakawan dalam_ deliberately created the humanists Indonesia (Javanese cultural exact) to reinforce the concept of philosophy that in this world there is no creature that is reallygood, and truly evil. Each creature has always holds an element of good and evil.