Thursday, September 22, 2011

History Kris of Indonesia

Keris is one of the names of the many names and definitions of types of self-defense weapon, which is created through a process for the fulfillment of human needs.Man who live and learn from nature, to cultivate and develop his ideas. They meciptakan tool - a tool to hunt with the material - a material that has been provided by nature.

Starting from stone, wood, bronze civilization to know, until the iron and steel materials. Tool - a tool that was originally only for hunting, developed into a tool to get wins from other individuals.

Victory and domination of other individuals is also a manifestation of the realization of basic human needs, namely food and biological needs (according to scholars of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud). It may be possible in that era people think that the capture of another individual, it will be easier to mecukupi hunger needs fulfillment and distribution of libido lust.
So with that continues to cultivate human civilization. Tool - a tool that they use, or who later developed the name and function to keep their weapons try to be a perfect self-defense tool.

In Java alone type of weapon - the weapon is developed, there is a furious, bendho, sickle, kudi, cenggereng, machetes, pangot, wedhung, swords, lances, until the dagger. For the sword itself can be classified into many names according to its shape, there Sabet, maru suduk lameng and others - others.

Weapons on the island of Java is unique in the technology. Weapons - weapons were made by forging techniques, not casted. Forging techniques with folding useful for finding purity iron, which at that time materials - iron materials still composite with the material - other natural materials.